How do I find a good topic for my bachelor thesis?

Finding a suitable topic for the bachelor thesis is not an easy task. Although a bachelor’s thesis should not “reinvent the wheel”, that is to say, the claim to emasculate new scientific cognitive value is relatively small compared to a master’s thesis or even a dissertation.

Nevertheless, the bachelor thesis is a scientific thesis that must meet certain requirements. These may differ significantly depending on the department and chair. However, certain criteria must be met by every bachelor thesis. These include u.a. a correct scientific working and citation, the selection of relevant literature or a suitable structure. And of course a good topic!

The choice of topic may lie with the supervisor, i. be dictated by him. Or you are spoiled for choice. Which topic meets your own requirements and interests? Not unimportant, considering that you have to deal intensively with the topic of the bachelor thesis for the next weeks and months.

What previous knowledge, possibly from previous seminar papers, can one contribute? Or you would like to open up a completely new topic in the context of the bachelor thesis?

Careful consideration in the course of finding a topic is thus the first step towards a successful bachelor thesis and decisive for the result.

When researching the appropriate topic for the bachelor thesis, one should first deal extensively with the current state of research on the basis of literature. What has already been worked on, what can you build on? Where is there perhaps a problem that has not been dealt with extensively?

As soon as you have obtained a halfway-well-founded overview, you should look for the interview with the supervisor of the bachelor thesis. This is about, on the one hand, setting the topic, defining a working title and, if possible, a suitable research question and objective of the work.

The topic should not be too broad and general, but not too narrow, otherwise there is a high risk that there is little literature and that the overall work becomes too difficult. On the other hand, it has to be determined right from the start which methodology the Bachelor thesis should pursue. Should a literature-based or an empirical bachelor thesis be created? The choice of methodology essentially influences the topic of the bachelor thesis.

If a literary-based topic is selected for the bachelor thesis, consideration must be given to how the search and selection of literature, e.g. takes the form of a literature review.

If an empirical approach is chosen, in principle two different methodologies are available, a qualitative or a quantitative methodology.

When naming the title for your bachelor thesis, care should be taken to ensure that it is problem-oriented, clearly formulated and does not convey any absolute pretensions. A subtitle may be useful to substantiate the title.

Of course you should vote the chosen topic with the supervisor or lecturer. After all, he or she must also agree with it and feel the topic “worthy” for a bachelor thesis. Once the topic is released, you can start with the bachelor thesis. The first step was to create an expose in order to concretize the goal of the work and to formulate the question.

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